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Conservation Employment – C.A.E

Website California Department of Conservation

Job Description:

Under the direction of the Director of the Department of Conservation (DOC), the Carbon Management Policy Advisor (CMPA) is responsible for providing executive-level scientific and data-driven advice to the Director, Chief Deputy, and Division Directors on the following: further the mission of the Department to create carbon management policies and practices that help the state meet its 2045 carbon neutrality goal and protect the environment and the health and safety of the citizens of the State. The CEA will identify and foster negative emissions projects via intelligent, sustainable, and efficient use of California’s surface and subsurface natural resources.

Job Responsibilities:

  • This position ensures, among other things, that the Director has a wide-range of scientific and data input in making
  • decisions that affect carbon management and use as well as decisions that protect public health, safety and the environment.
  • natural and mechanical capture carbon,
  • utilization of carbon.
  • surface and subsurface carbon storage,

Job Requirements:

  • CEA Level A – Responsible for extensive highly professional influence and contributes to program, policy, and the methods to provide professional services needed to set policies, to meet the mission of the State department and often exercising technical and or professional skills that are required at this level.
    CEA Level B – Responsible for broad administrative and program activities, including the execution and/or evaluation of program policies.
    CEA Level C – Responsible for extensive managerial and program administration or broad program manager experience with substantial participation in the formulation, operation, and/or evaluation of program policies.

Job Details:

Company: California Department of Conservation

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Others

Job Location: St. Paul, MN, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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