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NC Jobs For Sr. Geologist

Website State of North Carolina

Job Description:

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) primary mission is to protect North Carolina’s environment and natural resources. In executing this mission, DEQ operates with the broad-based understanding that the following three fundamental principles are integral components of its protective mandate: Fundamental Philosophy, Fundamental Economics, and Fundamental Science. Ultimately, a collaborative stewardship among the citizens, government regulators, and the business community will maintain and enhance North Carolina’s environment and natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone living in or visiting our great state. To learn more about the Department of Environmental Quality please visit our website at

Job Responsibilities:

  • The primary purpose of this position is to supervise the implementation of the Geological Survey’s geohazards and engineering-environmental geology program.
  • The primary duties of this position include: 1) as an independent research geologist to increase our knowledge of statewide geohazards that pose potential danger to the public, property or infrastructure; and to oversee applied engineering-environmental geology studies; 2) as a supervisory information and service geologist, this person is to provide geologic data and interpretations to agencies, businesses, and the public statewide; and 3) serve as Geologist-in-Charge of the Geological Survey’s response to geohazards events; and 4) coordinate with other Senior Geologists and the State Geologist / Section Chief in areas of common research.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies
  • To receive credit for your work history and credentials, you must list the information on the application form.
  • Any information omitted from the application form will not be considered for qualifying credit.
  • Information listed under the text resume section or on an attachment will not be considered for qualifying credit.

Job Requirements:

  • Decision Making & Analysis: Ability to independently make final decisions that require specialized geologic and/or programming knowledge (decisions are typically not reviewed). Ability to collaborate with others in finding solutions to controversial or sensitive matters that establish precedents. Ability to serve as technical expert in the field of responsibility and represent the agency/university as an expert. Ability to approve complex or novel geologic program/project specifications of other geologists to meet desired compliance with geologic principles, standards, and design.
  • Ability to express novel or complex geologic concepts and related facts in a clear, concise and organized manner. Ability to modify delivery, language or content to account for the characteristics and needs of the audience. Ability to write clear, concise and organized documents, maps, letters and memoranda addressing novel or complex geologic concepts and facts. Ability to develop and negotiate positions in complex or novel geologic situations. Ability to provide expert testimony. Ability to provide consultation as an expert involving complex work project/program. Ability to design informational products. Ability to set/define standards.
  • Ability to develop complex or novel geologic projects and specifications. Ability to plan methods and resources. Ability to approve major design changes. Ability to monitor and ensure project meets specifications and design standards.
  • Ability to provide program/project leadership in planning and organizing the work of others. Ability to work collaboratively to manage issues. Ability to evaluate and recommend resource needs. Ability to build client support of work group objectives. Require ability to supervise small group of Geologists/Hydrogeologists. May require ability to develop project/program strategic goals. Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Qualification & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in geology, geosciences, physical science or engineering with 30 credit hours of geological science coursework from an accredited college or university.

Job Details:

Company: State of North Carolina

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Information Technology

Job Location: Asheville, NC, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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