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Job Description:

SMUD is pleased to announce the pursuit of our next Director of Substation, Telecomm and Metering. We are seeking a dynamic, savvy, experienced and action-oriented leader who drives employee engagement with a clear strategic mindset and customer focus; and a record for delivering results using strong financial intelligence. This position is responsible for exercising leadership and direction within Energy Delivery responsible for ensuring that the corporate values, strategic initiatives and desired culture are integrated into the Substation, Telecommunications & Metering Assets work group functions, operations, and services. SMUD is excited to have a Zero Carbon goal by 2030. Your success in this position translates to the success of our goal by promoting a culture of innovation, partnership, and agility.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Promote a OneSMUD collaborative relationship with all SMUD work groups. Participate and collaborate with other leaders on cross-functional steering committees for the successful accomplishment of SMUD initiatives.
  • Ensure the safety of all work group employees and the public through adherence to SMUD Injury, Illness and Prevention Plan (IIPP) and current SMUD policies and procedures.
  • Actively enable, support and participate in SMUD’s IIPP, SCORCH, Near Miss Reporting, Incident Investigation, Joint Labor and Management Safety Committee programs and the resultant implementation of process improvements and corrective actions. Ensure that work group employees are receiving timely and appropriate training for: work and safety procedures; engineering and technical knowledge; and expected behavior competencies.
  • Develop, resource and provide for completion of work plans for each group in collaboration with SMUD planning areas that completes the work plan within the approved budget and schedule. Address and if necessary, escalate in a timely manner unplanned resource, budget and schedule issues for resolution.
  • Ensure that performance management expectations, performance feedback and coaching is provided for each employee.
  • Support and provide for a culture that supports innovation, inclusion, process improvement and customer service.
  • Provide timely information to Executive Management on: significant events, major milestones, impacts to the public; matters that could have a potentially significant impact on SMUD’s: employee and/or customer safety; financial position, compliance, reputation or relationships with SMUD’s customers and/or other agencies.
  • Work collaboratively with IBEW and OSE representatives and SMUD Labor Relations to keep both informed of potential changes in job descriptions and resolve potential issues.

Job Requirements:

  • ALIGNMENT – Ensuring that the expected outcomes and related processes are aligned with brand, strategy, and enterprise planning and risk
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Ensuring that all processes have someone ultimately responsible for achieving the expected results
  • TRANSPARENCY – Ensuring that the processes followed to achieve the expected results are measurable and visible
  • EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY – Ensuring that the processes followed to achieve the expected results are consistent with best practice for cost, quality and cycle time
  • UNIFORM REPORTING – Ensuring the use of SMUD-wide technology and reporting platforms, wherever possible, when reporting progress on expected results
  • VERIFICATION – Support and ensure the independent verification of expected results especially in the areas of regulatory or legal compliance

Job Details:

Company: SMUD

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Management

Job Location: Stockton, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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