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SMUD Jobs – Journey Line worker

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Job Description:

An employee of this classification does skilled work in the construction, maintenance and repair of overhead or underground sub transmission and distribution electrical lines and does related work as required.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform complex rigging techniques; cable locating
  • Frames, sets, removes, poles and associated anchors and guys
  • Performs work on lines energized @ 120V through 230 KV; tests on high voltage circuits
  • Constructs/removes/maintains transmission towers/lines and distribution lines
  • Climbs poles, structures or ladders
  • Installs/removes cross-arms and various pole top apparatus; types of cable; streetlight equipment; work site protection devices; residential and commercial meters; various excavations; overhead & underground residential & commercial services
  • Connects transformers
  • Assists electricians in wiring electric substations
  • Assists cable splicers in network underground systems.
  • Operates various types of equipment and vehicles (may require class A license); mobile data terminals
  • Installs/repairs cubicle/transformer wells, transformers, capacitors & related line apparatus, sprinkler systems, landscaping
  • Inspects trench, pull box and vault installation; customer service facilities
  • Instructs & directs sub-ordinates

Job Requirements:

  • Read & understand job & training manuals, safety procedures and their application on and around high voltage conductors & equipment; Read, interpret and follow written and oral instructions;
  • Climb poles/structures/ladders; Maintain a positive work relationship/environment with peers & public;
  • Perform physically demanding work for extended time periods;
  • Work safely at heights; Operate motor vehicles, SMUD radios & mobile data terminals.
  • Must possess the same knowledge, skills, experience, etc. as an Apprentice Lineman/Woman as well as completion of an approved Lineman/Woman Apprentice program including three years climbing experience in overhead electrical distribution work;

Job Details:

Company: SMUD

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Management

Job Location: Oakland, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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