Connecticut State Employment – Forensic Science Examiner

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Job Description:

In the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of Scientific Services, this class is accountable for receiving, examining and conducting complex analyses of physical evidence resulting from all manners of criminal actions.

Job Responsibilities:

Examines submitted evidence and completes a written description; photographs evidence; removes trace materials from evidence for analysis in areas of criminalistics and identification; conducts complex criminalistic forensic analysis of evidence utilizing conventional wet chemistry methodologies and/or technical instrumentation relating to gas chromatography, ultra/violet spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, emission spectrography, liquid thin layer and column chromatography, electophoresis, scanning electron microscopy; polarized light microscopy, alternate light sources, photographic equipment and computer technology; assists in reconstruction of crime scene; conducts forensic identification in areas of documents, firearms and latent fingerprints; maintains instrumentation and equipment and safeguards laboratory physical evidence; participates in research programs; conducts on scene collection and preservation of evidence; handles materials and samples before and after analysis in order to maintain them for safekeeping; prepares comprehensive reports; provides explanations and interpretations of results; testifies in court as an expert witness; may assist in training laboratory staff and law enforcement personnel; performs related duties as required.

Job Requirements:

Knowledge of modern methods utilized in crime scene processing and evidence identification; knowledge of applicable techniques and procedures for analyzing evidentiary materials; knowledge of physical laboratory instrumentation, documents, firearms, fingerprints and reconstruction techniques; oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; ability to conduct laboratory analysis; ability to utilize computer software; ability to act as an expert witness in a court of law; ability to utilize computer software.

Job Details:

Company: State of Connecticut

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Meriden, CT, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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